Once an Order is placed/confirmed by the client it is the responsiblity of MARK BAIGENT e.U. to act upon the conditions of production and shipment discussed with the client individually or given in this condition sheet. If no specific/individual conditions were agreed upon by the client and MARK BAIGENT e.U. the conditions apply as written here in this condition sheet. Every client has the right to cancel his/her order within 7 work-days after placing the order. Orders that are not cancelled after the deadline of 7 work-days are counted as confirmed.

Every client has the right to make changes to his/her order within these 7 work-days as long as it is possible for MARK BAIGENT e.U. to produce under the given changes. The satisfation of our clients is the greatest concern to MARK BAIGENT e.U. we always long for personal contact and feedback from our clients. Individual contracts and conditions are in the range of possibility because every client is different and has other needs – which MARK BAIGENT e.U. want to meet as good as possible.

Payment conditions:
In case the upfront payment has not been payed MARK BAIGENT e.U. is NOT required to send any Orders out.
Every Order must be payed upfront by the client.

Costs of any individual Orders are special features that MARK BAIGENT e.U. can not cover and have to be payed by the client.
Shipping fees will be added to the total Invoice and are included in the Order. Once an order is placed and confirmed by both parties – client and MARK BAIGENT e.U. a 2 to 4 weeks delivery times is crucial. In case the Order has to be delivered before or a certain date, please contact office@markbaigent.comClient will be provided with ensured shipping and a trackingnumber will be sent to the contact given by the client.
Although MARK BAIGENT e.U. will ensure every order sent and will always track the state of shipping MARK BAIGENT e.U. are can not be held responsible for the failing of thrid parties like delivery companies or other. In case a shippment gets lost (worst case) and the ensurance does not come up with replacing the loss. MARK BAIGENT e.U. are not obliged to refund the Client the down payment of 40%. Unless MARK BAIGENT e.U. are refunded by any third party.

Mark Baigent e.U.:
Mark Stephen Baigent
Mark: +43676 789 73 61
Office: Gußhausstrasse 26/13 1040-Vienna
Mail: office@markbaigent.com
Web: www.markbaigent.com

Cel: +43 676 789 736 1
VAT: ATU67250057
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Bank-Nr.: 20111 ERSTE BANK
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