5 Questions for HTW Tattoos

It has been quite a while since I wrote a blog, or any article for that matter, but I felt like I want to share more of me & my process on how I create garments that are unisex, gender fluid.
This Blog entry is the first of many more to come where I will be talking about sustainable fashion, Avant-garde, craftsmanship my home Bali & Fair fashion.
So as my very first entry to what will be a monthly thing, i could not think of anyone better who I would want to share this special debut with other then my closest fried Hannah Wagner from HTW TATTOOS.

Hannah & I go back about 8 years now when she had found my wallet on the dance-floor and returned it back to me.
Probably one of her best deeds of her life ;)
I told Hannah about the concept behind my newest collection SPITTELBERG & as ever so often before when we brainstormed about projects together we came up with some beautiful Ideas & imagery that not only embodies the Gender Neutral agenda of my brand but also transfers the feeling of the collection.

I asked Hannah to share her thoughts in a 5 question Interview.

1. The Symbols were chosen by Yourself & Mark to reflect & enhance the mood of the collection, which are your favourite symbols?

This Question is a bit hard to answer - I love them all!
But I would say I am especially fond of the crow's foot, the scissors & the centipede.
All the symbols represent a time long ago, where the appearance of objects often had a much higher value than today - function followed form & even everyday items were made to please the eye. The scissors, pipe & poison vial are good examples of that. All drawings have a lush quality to them and also a touch of mystery, hinting at an era where science & magic were not as separated as they are today.

2. SPITTELBERG is giving a Voice to the Women & People of the night, how important do you think is it to address & break the taboo of sex workers?

This is a tough one. Straight forward I think it's very important!
Nowadays (although this is not new) we like to see topics in black and white & hope that the problems of this world were solvable, with a simple "yes" or "no" answer.
I am a feminist, and I'm not a SWERF. So I can say with confidence that it's important to advocate for sex workers & be a proper ally. Everyone who does what they do out of their own free will deserves to be respected & supported.
What needs to stop is FLINT* being used as objects & being sold into sexual slavery. Unfortunately, These two topics tend to get mixed up & put in the same category. And I can see why. Both are about buying the same service. But we need to see the difference here and I think it's possible to support sex workers & condemning FLINT* slave trade at the same time.

(Nell Mask)

3. In your opinion as a person who dipped into working in the fashion industry, what is missing in the world of clothes, colors & trends?

My answer is twofold: On one hand, the fashion industry lacks integrity. Like Giulia, Mensitieri said in her book "The Most Beautiful Job in the World: Lifting the Veil on the Fashion industry" people on the lower end get exploited to an astonishing degree. And I'm not even talking about the production end where workers in Bangladesh & other places work in horrible conditions.
The system only works in favor of the people on top. Everyone else is expected to work for "exposure" as if that pays rent. I believe people should get fair compensation for their work.

My other interpretation of the question is that it's about physical items or color schemes or patterns that are missing & that I can't say a lot about. I used to be interested in trends & dressing up & going shopping. Now I care more about being responsible & trying to shop sustainably. So yes, I wish there were less greenwashing & more real sustainability, which would start with producing less - does *insert big commercial brand here* really need to put out new tops every other week?

(Renal Shirt, Valtesse Vest, Pearl Bodysuit, Turtleneck Red)

4. Fashion should be used to empower one's personality & reflect on what we feel. Do you think it can influence our character as well?

No, I think it's the other way around like you put it in your question. Our emotions and our character are the basis for how we appear and dress. I think the way you dress can influence your emotions though. Wearing cool boots and a dress that fits perfectly can boost our confidence significantly I think.

5. If there would be one thing you could erase in the world of fashion, what would it be?

Inequality, "men's" and "women's" categories.

(Spittelberg Leggings Grey, Henriette Mendel Coat, Spittelberg Leggings White)

Thank you very much Hannah for taking the time to talk to me & share your insights. I would not have been able to create this collection without your input & your artistic vision.
If you would like to find out more about Hannah's work, please visit her website & Instagram by clicking the links below.



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