To create “gender-free” clothing is what the brand Mark Baigent is known for Minimalistic and geometric shapes.

Timeless deconstructed patterns and detailed finishings using natural fibres and locally sourced materials are the core.

Each collection is a task to create a dialogue between conventionalism and avant-garde. Seeing every gender as “only” human and equal the silhouettes become indistinct and wrap themselves around their host. All pieces are their own concept and are conducted to perfect craftsmanship, unisex cuts. Clean and simple elements create the unblemished appearance.Baigent received his fashion education in 2008 in Linz / Austria.

After several Internships at traditional made to measure tailors and fashion brands he developed his signature looks combining ethnic influences with contemporary Avantgarde Silhouettes and Patterns. As their might be some designs with a more feminine and some more masculine appearance every piece is constructed to fit any gender and is not limited to gender defining body parts.

Since 2016 the Designer lives and works and travels between Bali, New Zealand, Austria and Berlin with Bali as the headquarters where he opened his own factory based on fair trade ethics in September 2017. MARK BAIGENT strives to create awareness for fair payed labour, the value of slow fashion and the importance of wise consume.