This season, Mark Baigent looks towards a future of more inclusiveness, togetherness & acceptance. A hope to be allowed to display one's Identity & Gender without facing persecution. 
Drawing inspiration from European wolves there is hardly a creature that is so controversial & misunderstood in its perception.
Branded as an evil creature in fables & haunted by many, the she-wolf is rarely seen as a social animal.

Yet the social structure of a wolf group is surprising. There is no alpha wolf in the pack who directs the troops. The Dominant alpha anima is a mistake made by earlier zoologists. Everything is shared from foraging to raising the young.
Using this metaphoric comparison Baigent want's to show that equality, togetherness & acceptance are crucial keys for our future. Therefore the collection title is named after the German term for a female Wolf. 

Designer Mark Baigent is putting their “Persona” on full display for their first collection in 2022, going back to the label’s roots by portraying a concise assortment of oversized garments & a deeper political message. Creating awareness, many garments in this collection are named after different pronouns, to reflect on the diversity of our society's diverse gender identities & reflect this in their designs.

Billowing full-length dresses, signature showpieces, shape-obscuring Outerwear & eye-catching accessories are all on hand as Baigent builds their elevated take on gender-neutral fashion. 


Raw denim, Silk organza, organic cotton & hemp set the colours points to inform of a palette of black, Grey, glittery brown & Indian yellow batik, which further lend themselves to the overall non-binary theme that runs throughout this seasons offering.

For the first time, the collection will feature slogan prints on oversized T-shirts & long sleeves made of organic cotton & hemp.
Starting a dialogue between conventionalism & the binary views of today's society Encouraging a new way of thinking & how we perceive each other.


- MB 

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