A talk with L'Officiel

I arrived back in Bali about 3 weeks ago. Working full steam on the new collection & not fully realizing how much luck I had coming back in.
The mandatory quarantine was reduced to 2 nights only for about 10 days back then & I was able to leave Vienna just before their lockdown as well.
Three days before I left my favorite city I was invited to an exclusive Interview with L'Officiel Austria to talk about Avantgarde & Gender Free Fashion.

It has been some time now since I've given Interviews about my work focusing while restructuring the factory & also focusing on re-inventing my brand language - but we will get to that next month when the new collection launches ;)

As a Non-Binary person, I think about the progress in the media from when I started my career to where it is now & I see a positive change. I was asked about how to be properly addressed  in the beginning of the Interview which to me says so much about the quality of a journalist. And making sure their readers get a good & accurate picture of my person.

A big thank you to Maria Ratzinger for the support & without further ado here is the interview:  HERE


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