Tash & Mark

Tash & Mark

Having worked with some of the most prestigious fashion photographers back then as a model & since my career as a designer I have become a big advocate of this art form. When I relocated to Bali 5 years ago I would meet one of the photographers I refer to as Soul painters.
Every now & then as a model, you would work with a photographer who just GETS you & knows exactly how to portrait things that they see but you are not able to (yet / at that moment).

In this post, I would like to introduce you to Tash Serena Meltsner.
When I first met Tash she was about 21 years old I believe & I could not believe who I was dealing with here, her talent to capture a moment & understand the essence of my collection & portray it with her interpretation was simply mind-blowing to me. Onset she observes gently directs & mostly waits for the moment when your heart shows through your eyes. One snap can change the way we look at ourselves & over the years Tash has established to rediscover & reflect on who I am through her photography.
Working with her is always a journey, a balance of feedback, understanding & respect for one another. About 2 months ago one of these magical moments happened when we took some pictures at my friend Sandras House in Bali.

I wanted to write this post as an homage to her work for my brand & her impact on the way I create fashion. I raise my glass to you!


Tash Serena Meltsner INSTAGRAM 






- MB