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Having worked with some of the most prestigious fashion photographers back then as a model & since my career as a designer I have become a big advocate of this art form. When I relocated to Bali 5 years ago I would meet one of the photographers I refer to as Soul painters.
Every now & then as a model, you would work with a photographer who just GETS you & knows exactly how to portrait things that they see but you are not able to (yet / at that moment).

In this post, I would like to introduce you to Tash Serena Meltsner.
When I first met Tash she was about 21 years old I believe & I could not believe who I was dealing with here, her talent to capture a moment & understand the essence of my collection & portray it with her interpretation was simply mind-blowing to me. Onset she observes gently directs & mostly waits for the moment when your heart shows through your eyes. One snap can change the way we look at ourselves & over the years Tash has established to rediscover & reflect on who I am through her photography.
Working with her is always a journey, a balance of feedback, understanding & respect for one another. About 2 months ago one of these magical moments happened when we took some pictures at my friend Sandras House in Bali.

I wanted to write this post as an homage to her work for my brand & her impact on the way I create fashion. I raise my glass to you!


Tash Serena Meltsner INSTAGRAM 






- MB

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hi Mark,
thx that i have the possibility to see this amazing photos with the hot collection and the erotic model,
all the best and continue the success in future,
Harry from Vienna

Harry January 18, 2022

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